Mani in a Box - Vitamin Recharge 3 step waterless manicure system. * Infused with a blast of pink Grapefruit with Vitamin C. * Hydrating & radiance boosting. * Perfect choice for dull/tired hands. * 100% Paraben & Triclosan free.* Gluten free.* Vegan. Product contains:STEP ONE* Sugar scrub - to gently exfoliate dead skin away. - Does not contain silica or micro beads.STEP TWO* Mud masque - deep cleanse impurities. - Contains highly refined & purified mud to cleanse & tighten pores. STEP THREE* Massage lotion - to hydrate & soothe the skin.- Contains aromatherapeutic essences to hydrate & soothe the deep tissues of the skin.

Mani in a Box - Vitamin Recharge