Pedi in a box - Tangerine Twist.Deluxe 4 step pedicure system.* Infused with Vitamin C. * Contains antiseptic & anti fungal properties. * Helps prevent & treat skin infections. * 100% Paraben & Triclosan free.* Gluten free.* Vegan. Product contains:STEP ONE* Sea Salt Soak - to detox, deodorise & hydrate the feet.- Made with natural sea salt & essential oils.STEP TWO* Sugar Scrub - gently exfoliates dead skin away.- 100% sugar - doesn’t contain silica or micro beads. STEP THREE* Mud Masque - deep cleanse impurities.- Highly refined & purified mud to detoxify, cleanse & tighten pores. STEP FOUR* Massage cream - to hydrate & soothe the skin.- Contains aromatherapeutic essences to hydrate & soothe the deep tissues of the skin.



Pedi in a box - Tangerine Twist