Crystal Healing

                                              What Is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is a holistic and natural therapy that taps into the energetic power of crystals and how they affect the body and mind. A crystal healer will place healing crystals on or around a client to help unblock, focus and direct energy.

                                        How Does Crystal Healing Work?

Crystal healing is an energy-based system. This means it is based on the belief that we are all made up of different energies and that when this becomes stagnant, unbalanced or blocked, it can cause illness. The premise is that crystals help unblock, balance and direct energy where it is most needed, gently supporting the body to heal in a therapeutic way.

Different types of crystals are thought to have different properties and energies. Just holding and being near these crystals is therefore thought to affect our own energies on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

Crystal healers have extensive knowledge of the different stones and how they affect us, and are able to use them in healing sessions. There are several different ways this can be done, but the most common is to have the client lie down and place the crystals on or around them in a specific way.

              What to expect in a Crystal Healing Session.


If you are open and willing to explore the world of energy healing, this is a wonderful place to start. It can also help to know what to expect before you book a session.

When you are relaxed with your eyes closed, the crystals may be placed on and around your body. Sometimes a dowsing pendulum may be used to help determine where the crystals should go.

The crystals will be left in place for a certain amount of time. During this time you are encouraged to breathe deeply and simply relax. Hands on therapy will also be used at this time.

Some people report feeling sensations (a warmth or tingle) while others feel nothing. Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything, this doesn’t mean your energies haven’t been affected.

When the session is over, the crystals will be removed and you’ll be encouraged to ground yourself in your body by becoming aware of your surroundings and physical sensations. Some people say they feel a difference in themselves immediately, for others it takes longer for the healing to take effect.

You may be recommended a number of treatments and often people choose to have ongoing treatments to support their overall health. As the healing takes place, you may experience an energetic detox, when negative energy quickly leaves your body. This can lead to difficult emotions being brought to the surface and is quite normal.

                            Crystal Healing Benefits.

Crystal healing is a complementary and natural approach, meaning it can be used alongside traditional medicine and has no negative side-effects. The benefits of crystal healing are varied and take place on several different levels.

Perhaps the most common benefit reported is the deep relaxation that takes place during a session. This type of relaxation helps aid general well-being and is particularly useful when treating stress and anxiety. It can also help ease tense muscles which can help improve physical pain and sleeping problems.

On an emotional and spiritual level, crystals can help enhance self-esteem, encourage clarity and inspire a sense of peace and centeredness.

Anyone can enjoy these benefits, however if you are skeptical about the process you will naturally close yourself off. Because of this, of key importance is having an open mind and no preconceptions or assumptions.  

                          Common Misconceptions.

Some people believe healing crystals work like a magic wand and that everything will be better immediately. The truth is, there is no ‘magic’ behind crystal healing. Instead they enhance what you are already working on. They are very interactive and rely on you being actively involved in your own spiritual journey.

For this reason, it can be helpful to continue your work outside of crystal healing sessions.                                                        



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