Skin Care Information.

The skin care we use at Total Beauty and Health is made here in Australia using Australian products. 

Skin Care for ages 11 to 16 years

In our Australian climate it is  very important  that our children learn the importance of looking after their skin at a young age. Experts recommend girls from 11 years of age and boys from the age of 13 should use good skin care on a daily basis. 
We have skin care especially formulated for young people's skin, both male and female. 
We are happy to have a private consultation to discuss your specific skin concerns and to help you learn the correct way to look after your skin to protect you from the elements.

Skin Care for all ages

If you haven't already been using good skin care, now is the time to start.
With our skin health check, we can assist you in learning more about your skin and how to care for it correctly. 
Our skin care range for this age group is suitable for all skin types and both male and female. 
We are happy to discuss with you your priorities for your skin and help you find the right products for your skin needs.

If you have been using skin care regularly and have found that it is no longer working for you, come in for a consultation with one of our trained staff who will listen to your needs and help you find the correct solution.

Specialty Products for Targeted areas


A new product has just been launched to address skin redness and blemishes. We also have a product in place of microdermabrasion and many other targeted solutions. Please see in store for more information. 

"The products that Maryann used on my skin during my facial smelt amazing! I walked out of there feeling like I was floating! The temperature of the room was perfect, the music was relaxing, and Maryann was such an inspirational, calm and gentle person, I can't wait to return for my next facial."

- Sarah.

"I have had facials before in many different places, but the facial I got today from Liz was by far one of the best I have ever received! Thank you so much for helping my skin feel amazing again."

- Carly.