Spray Tanning

Most people agree that having a beautiful spray tan helps boost our confidence and makes us feel slimmer and more attractive. Black Magic Tan delivers a beautiful look, feel and finish regardless of lifestyle, age and skin type. When you wear a Black Magic Tan your skin will have a stunning glow with amazing colour!

Each time you get a Black Magic Tan your skin will be hydrated and nourished from the variety of botanical ingredients and antioxidants within the product. When you have a Black Magic Tan you can be confident that you will always receive the finest quality product which includes a wonderful bounty of ingredients that look after your skin.

All of the Black Magic range is Paraben free, Hypoallergenic, Vegan and non cormedogenic. The range is also manufactured in Australia and contains the highest quality, fresh DHA (Dihydroxyacetone).

Black Magic is a member of the worldwide organisation for the Peoples Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA. So we can confidently say that there has been absolutely NO animal testing during the manufacturing of the Black Magic range. Black Magic proudly displays the PETA symbol and agrees with the ethics of the PETS organisation.


At Total Beauty & Health we use the Black Magic Vibe Range. This range has been created using Advanced Development Technology and has no odour or fragrance, whilst also offering the ultimate wearing experience for our clients. The colour results are nothing short of amazing!

Choose between Black Magic Vibe Evolution 2-4-6, a tan that gives you that perfect sun-kissed look without spending hours in the sun. This product can be left on for up to 6 hours. The longer you leave it on the darker it becomes.

The Vibe Evolution Tan will give you a deeper, instant colour that will last longer as it contains triple bronzers. This tan will last 7-10 days depending on your skins condition.


Vibe Rapid 2 hour Dark has a high concentration of DHA. For optimum results it is recommended that this product is left on the skin for a minimum of 2 hours, and a maximum of 3 hours before showering.

Vibe Rapid 2 Hour Dark has been created using Advanced Technology Development to produce a deep dark tan.

* If you require a tan for a special occasion it is recommended you book in for your spray tan 48 hours before the event. This will give your tan time to settle.

*  It is recommended that you shave or wax the day before your spray tan. For your tan to look beautiful you need the pores to close properly after hair removal. If your pores are not closed properly any excess spray tan solution can lodge in the pores and that will give you a spotty look.

*  Exfoliate! (This step is crucial!!) If you skip this step or do not exfoliate well, you might not get a good tan and when it starts to fade it is likely to come off in patches. The best time to exfoliate is a day before your spray tan to give your skin a chance to recover. Make sure you are very thorough in places where there is a build up of dead skin like your elbows, knees and ankles. 

* On the day of your spray tan have a shower using a soap or body wash that does not contain a lot of moisturisers. Do not apply anything to your skin like moisturisers, body butters or even deodorant, powder or make up. Applying these before coming in for your tan can have a tendency to block spray tanning solution from reaching your skin and you can finish with lighter patches. Some deodorants can also react with a spray tanning solution and turn your underarms green!

* When you will get to the salon you will need to get into a disposable G-string, put on a shower cap, we will apply some moisturizer to your knees, elbows, ankles and palms of your hands to keep them white.


* When you arrive at our clinic you will be greeted by us and asked to fill in a short questionnaire about you. (Your answers will remain confidential and will not be shared with anyone!)

* You will then be taken to our spray tan room where we will give you a disposable cap, sticky feet and a disposable G-string (this is optional, you can wear your own underwear or swimwear if you prefer.) We will then leave you to get undressed and stand in the spray tan tent.

* When we enter the spray tan room we will apply the barrier cream to the palm of your hands, knees, elbows and ankles if needed and we will also spritz your body with some tan prep spray. 

* You will then receive your spray tan.

* Afterwards we will spritz your body with some tan lock to help your tan look good for longer!

* We will then leave you to get dressed and come out to the reception area when you are ready.

                                                                                        Spray Tan                                 From  $32.00

                                                                                        Muscle Tan                              From  $60.00

 Top Tips for your spray tan!

What to expect when you arrive for your spray tan!

"My Spray tan looks amazing! Thank you so much Total Beauty & Health."

- Deidre.

"The spray tan products the ladies at Total Beauty & Health use always gives me a natural glow. My friends think i have been out in the sun for hours. Thank you Maryann and Liz!!"

- Katrina.